Awesome Outdoor Halloween Decorations Your Neighbors Will Love

Millions of people spend thousands of dollars for their DIY outdoor Halloween decorations on a budget. For those who already partake in the addition of ghosts, black cats, jack-o-lanterns, witches, and other scary elements in their yards, the anticipation of Halloween lasts all through the year. Halloween yard decorating rivals the excitement felt at Christmas for many, including the candy seeking children.

Tutorial Halloween Spider Web Decorations | Buy on Amazon Stretch Giant Spider Web $10.19
Good price for some cobwebs. Stretches out massively if you take your time with it. Looks effective and responds well to the care and attention you give it.And reusable for next year. The spiders are a fun touch.
Be Webbed Archway Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Tutorial DIY Pumpkin Scarecrow | Buy on Amazon Pumpkin Head Mask $14.99
This will fit perfectly on my scarecrow or headless horseman for Halloween.Sufficiently creepy as advertised. Get it in time to air out a bit first.
Creepy Halloween decor

Tutorial Make Hanging Ghost Decor | Buy on Amazon Scary Hanging Ghost $12.99
This beautiful Halloween decoration is made of very nice mesh fabric and it’s a gorgeous, perfect Halloween. It’s easy to hang, and it flies and flows in the wind like a giant specter.
ghosts hanging from trees

Tutorial Spooky Bush Eyes Tutorial | Buy on Amazon Pumpkin Candy Holder $2.91
Halloween tree in the front yard

Tutorial Easy Build Tree Trunk | Buy on Amazon Halloween Mini Skulls $6.92
These are great little skulls. Lightweight and exactly as pictured/described. Super happy with this purchase.
halloween tree stump surrounded by skulls

Tutorial DIY Pumpkin Scarecrow | Buy on Amazon Pumpkin Head Mask $14.99
Halloween Home Haunt Display

Tutorial Dollar Store Tombstone Makeover | Buy on Amazon Mossy Bat Tombstone $7.14
Overall, happy with purchase. I was needing two identical tombstones to add some customization to (for Husband and Wife set) and these were a great cheap option at about $9 each.
Halloween I like the idea of the framed grave

Buy on Amazon Pose-N-Stay Skeleton $51.99
So much fun to pose and prank my teenagers! It’s great for Halloween too, of course! This guy just makes you smile cuz he’s always smiling!
A little boneyard maintenance outdoor halloween decorations

Buy on Amazon Freddy Krueger Mask $16.12
Enjoyed the mask alot – will fit nicely on my scarecrow to make a neat Halloween man for my yard.
creepy outdoor halloween decorations

Buy on Amazon Black Feathered Crows Halloween Prop $15.59
crows and pumpkins outdoor halloween decorations

Tutorial Halloween Skull Entrance | Buy on Amazon Halloween Mini Skulls $6.92
Entrance I made for the haunted trail

Buy on Amazon Stretch Giant Spider Web $10.19
Foam Art Castle turned to Halloween Haunt

Tutorial Carving Giant Pumpkins
giant pumpkin outdoor halloween decorations

Tutorial Halloween Spider Web Decorations | Buy on Amazon Stretch Giant Spider Web $10.19
giant spider web outdoor halloween decorations

Tutorial Making Spooky Halloween Tree Decorations
Grim Hollow outdoor halloween decorations

Tutorial Halloween Front Porch Decor
Halloween porch decor ideas

Tutorial Syringe Jello Shots | Buy on Amazon Jello Shot Syringes $14.86
The plunger removes completely making them easy to clean, they hold just a shy under a full shot, and their super solid.
Jello syringes just like the game Used to revive soldiers after being killed by zombies

Buy on Amazon Hairy Poseable Spider $13.21
Just taking the spiders for a walk outdoor halloween decorations

Buy on Amazon Halloween Zombie Lawn Decoration $14.27
Cool addition to the graveyard this year! Wish it lit up! Good quality.
New Zombie Prop

Buy on Amazon Halloween Zombie Lawn Decoration $14.27
New zombie prop

Tutorial Nightmare Before Christmas Town Fountain Build
Nightmare Before Christmas fountain I used PVC pipe chicken wire expanding foam styrofoam monster mud paper mâché paint

Tutorial Turn Your Front Yard into a Graveyard
outdoor graveyard halloween decor

Buy on Amazon Rotten Zombie Hanging $24.39

Tutorial DIY Pumpkin Vine Tower
Pumpkin tower creative pumpkins halloween jack o latern ideas halloween decorating halloween pumpkin pumpkincarving

Tutorial Decorating our front porch for Fall/Halloween
pumpkins front porch halloween decor ideas

Reach out and touch someone outdoor halloween decorations

Buy on Amazon Freddy Krueger Mask $16.12
scary outdoor halloween decorations

Buy on Amazon 3 Piece Groundbreaker Skeleton $21.99
I love this skeleton, and so do my neighbors. A lady walking by just took a picture of it!
skeleton in a wheelbarrow outdoor halloween decorations

Tutorial Spooky Halloween Decor Tutorial
Spooky Halloween decorations halloween spooky halloweendecorations

Watcher on the roof outdoor halloween decorations

Tutorial Halloween Haunted Cave How To
wooden cave outdoor halloween decorations

Tutorial Make A Fake Dead Body
wrapped sheet bodies Halloween

Save some money by making your own outdoor Halloween decor this year. I’ve rounded up the best Halloween DIY decor ideas that are cheap and easy to make so that you can give your home a spooktacular makeover without breaking the bank.

Between trick-or-treaters dressed to the nines and neighbors popping over for your annual Halloween bash, we have a feeling your house will be getting more than a little bit of foot traffic this October. That’s why we’ve rounded up these boo-tiful outdoor Halloween decorations to help you keep it looking its best. Sure, a jack-o’-lantern or two is nice—and certainly classic!—but you and your neighbors have already been there, done that. This year, it’s time to step it up a notch in terms of both originality and spookiness. Whether you opt for something more traditional (think: a few painted pumpkins, pots of fresh fall flowers, and fall wreath or two) or aim for something a little more advanced (a DIY array of festive lanterns, for instance, or a pair of eerie-looking “floating hats”), there’s something on our list for you. What’s more, we’ve made sure to include ideas that are suitable for crafting beginners and pros alike. So even if the holiday’s just around the corner, you still have time to whip up a few of our very favorite outdoor Halloween decoration DIYs and get your porch or patio into shape before those candy-loving kids stroll up to your front door!