20+ Super Fun Halloween Crafts for Kids to Make

From ‘Tealight Spiders’ to ‘Halloween Rice Krispie Treats’ check out these awesome Halloween crafts you can make with your kids this holiday season. Most of these crafts only cost a few bucks to make and only take about an hour – so what are you waiting for!

1. Creepy Eyeball Lights

Creepy Eyeball Lights
Tutorial Creepy Eyeball Lights


2. Candy Corn Bowl

Candy Corn Bowl
Tutorial Candy Corn Bowl


3. Candy Bowl Mummy

Candy Bowl Mummy
Tutorial Candy Bowl Mummy


4. Halloween Potion Bottles

Halloween Potion Bottles
Tutorial Halloween Potion Bottles


5. Halloween Soap Dispensers

Halloween Soap Dispensers
Tutorial Halloween Soap Dispensers


6. Luminous Candy Jars

Luminous Candy Jars
Tutorial Luminous Candy Jars


7. Balloon Spider Web

Balloon Spider Web
Tutorial Balloon Spider Web


8. Black Cat Pumpkin

Black Cat Pumpkin
Tutorial Black Cat Pumpkin


9. Edible Witch Brooms

Edible Witch Brooms
Tutorial Edible Witch Brooms


10. Ghost in a Jar

Ghost in a Jar
Tutorial Ghost in a Jar


11. Ghost Jack O Lantern

Ghost Jack O Lantern
Tutorial Ghost Jack O Lantern


12. Ghost Milk Jug

Ghost Milk Jug
Tutorial Ghost Milk Jug


13. Golf Ball Bat

Golf Ball Bat
Tutorial Golf Ball Bat


14. Gummy Worms

Gummy Worms
Tutorial Gummy Worms


15. Halloween Rice Krispie Treats

Halloween Rice Krispie Treats
Tutorial Halloween Rice Krispie Treats


16. Mason Jar Mummy

Mason Jar Mummy
Tutorial Mason Jar Mummy


17. Painted Pumpkin Witch

Painted Pumpkin Witch
Tutorial Painted Pumpkin Witch


18. Paper Plate Ghosts

Paper Plate Ghosts
Tutorial Paper Plate Ghosts


19. Paper Pumpkins

Paper Pumpkins
Tutorial Paper Pumpkins


20. Popsicle Spider Web

Popsicle Spider Web
Tutorial Popsicle Spider Web


21. Pumpkin Paper Lantern

Pumpkin Paper Lantern
Tutorial Pumpkin Paper Lantern


22. Tealight Spiders

Tealight Spiders
Tutorial Tealight Spiders


23. Toilet Paper Roll Monsters

Toilet Paper Roll Monsters
Tutorial Toilet Paper Roll Monsters


24. Egg Carton Bats and Leaf Ghosts

Egg Carton Bats and Leaf Ghosts
Tutorial Egg Carton Bats and Leaf Ghosts