Easy and Fun Halloween Costumes Kids Will Love – Deer

We have a collection of great costume ideas for kids who want to dress up as their favourite characters from books. From Captain Underpants to Harry Potter, these costumes are perfect for the bookish kids.

Cutest deer costume ever


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Deer and Hunter Halloween Costume

Deer Costume

Deer costume and makeup

Deer costume and makeup

Deer costume and make up

deer costume

Deer Halloween Costume very easy to make cheap super cute

diy deer costume mommy me toddler deer costume idea

Little girl deer makeup and DIY headband Halloween deer makeup

Mother daughter deer DIY costumes headbands makeup

Does your child want to be a fish out of water this Halloween? You might be surprised at how easy it uis to make a mermaid costume from just a few basic pieces and some imagination!

Star Wars is still a huge influence this Halloween so rather than opting for the popular Rey and Kylo costumes, why not get your child to dress up as the adorable new droid, BB-8? The costume is seriously easy to make and will definetly stand out from the crowd!

With Halloween on the horizon, we have to ask the question: Have your toddlers made up their minds about what they want to be for Halloween? When the party store will be picked over and you aren’t stoked about a store-bought costume anyway, what do you do? Just choose from any one of these 39 DIY kids costumes that you can whip up in a flash. No tricks here!