Simple and Creative Halloween Makeup Ideas for Women – Pennywise

Let’s face It … Pennywise is going to be the Halloween costume to beat this year. It’s terrifying, simple enough to pull off, and with the movie’s already-gargantuan box office gross, everyone and their pet dog will get your costume.



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Pennywise Halloween Costume

Pennywise makeup

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Considering Pennywise is so popular, though, you can bet that there are going to be a whole bunch of clowns slapping on some white face paint and red noses for Samhain. To help you stand out in the sea of creepy red and white faces, we’ve broken down not one, but two of the best Pennywise tutorials on the internet.

Easy Mode: Old-School Pennywise

If you’re in a hurry or just don’t want to bother with all the details, you can use BaptismOnFire’s costume tutorial for the Tim Curry version of Pennywise from the ’90s TV adaption of Stephen King’s horror novel (make sure to refer to yourself as “OG Pennywise” if you find yourself standing beside another Pennywise at a party).

ICYMI, we live for Halloween. All year we look forward to pumpkin decorating, costume DIYing, and trick-or-treating. But, most of all, we’re *always* on the hunt for unique and innovative ideas to slay our favorite October holiday. Lucky for us, sometimes all we need is playfully dramatic makeup to really pull a look together. Scroll on for 67 of our favorite original Halloween makeup ideas — ranging from easy-to-achieve to jaw-droppingly advanced — and prepare to take your disguise to the next post-worthy level.

Instagram tends to leans into the extreme when it comes to beauty, and no time does it do that better than Halloween. Halloween season on the ‘gram lends endless inspiration to makeup artists, mythical creature enthusiasts, and anyone else wondering what to dress up as this holiday. If you leave it to the last minute, thank Insta for easy Halloween costume ideas that you can whip up with makeup you already own. And if you’d rather lay out your Halloween costume idea well in advance, even better—you’ll have time to practice your expert-level precision and nail the landing. There are options for both ends of the Halloween costume spectrum ahead, and truly, these Halloween makeup ideas are works of art. As for the rest of us, we’ll just being over here appreciating—and double-tapping—away. Click on for the most over-the-top, make-your-jaw-drop, mesmerizing Halloween makeup looks for 2018.