Super Fun Halloween Costumes for Teen Girls – Spongebob

Every fall, people struggle to decide on an original Halloween costume to wear on October 31—but teenagers can have an especially difficult time. The problem? They’re a little too old for kids costumes and just a bit too young for adult ensembles.

DIY SpongeBob Costume


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DIY SpongeBob Costume

Homemade SpongeBob and Patrick costume

Mr krabs spongbob and squidward halloween costumes fancy dress

Patrick and Spongebob Halloween costume best friends

Patrick star and sponge bob square pants DIY costume

sponge bob

sponge bob

sponge bob and patrick costume

spongebob and patrick DIY costume

SpongeBob and Patrick Halloween Costume

SpongeBob Characters mermaid man and barnacle boy plankton spongebob and patrick

Spongebob Halloween Costume

SpongeBob Patrick costumes

SpongeBob Patrick Squidward and Plankton costumes

Spongebob Sandy Patrick and Gary

Squidward costume DIY

The Spongebob gang

This is a great idea for halloween with ur best friend

Your daughter has dressed up as a purr-fectly cute cat and a pretty princess plenty of times, and your son is beyond wearing a superhero outfit for another year. So, what’s a parent to do? Simply scroll through this list of Halloween costume ideas for teens to get all the inspiration you need this year. Whether you’re (not so) little one is 13, 19, or somewhere in between, there’s an outfit on this list they’ll actually want to wear. If you prefer to purchase your kid’s costume, there are a handful of options to buy, and if you’d rather DIY the costume, there are plenty of easy—and inexpensive—tutorials for you to try. After you’re finished buying or DIYing your teen’s attire, don’t forget about the rest of your family. We have plenty of great ideas for ghouls and goblins of every age, whether you’re looking for a couples costume, an outfit idea for best friends, or something fun for your toddler. After all, Halloween only comes around once a year—and you’ll want to look scary good.